life, a prism of many colors.

notably you can use the information on this website to connect to a network,
where you may chat with your friends, or make a new one. this website to host
the information to get you connected, to the server, so that you may use it
to chat with a chat with a group of friends.

go to and get a new account.
check your email for the verification email they sent,
and confirm by clicking the link you get.
consider supporting them by paying them 5$ a month,
they're good folks, and server resources are not free.

then use this websites address: to establish a new connection using as the host name, and 6697 as the port. make sure "secure connection,"
or use SSL is selected. choose a nickname for yourself, and enter something in the
real name fields. New channel to join is #chat . You will only have to do this setup
Please note, no password needed for server.
Later, you may register your nickname to ensure you are the only one able to use it.
to do this, issue the following command in the box where you type at the bottom,
once you are connected to the server.
/msg nickserv register SomePass command, by typing that and hitting enter.
Where is your email address and SomePass is over 8 characters long,
and is indeed case sensitive..
channels active on the server: #khemit, #jupiter, #neptune, #chat, #music, #design, #help
or start your own channel ! bring your friends! pretend it's 1996 again. IRC never died.


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